Curriculum Vitae

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2021-now Metrology Design engineer, ASML, Eindhoven
Design, specify, test, and analyze qualification of new innovative products within the field of metrology.

2018-2020 Student assistant, QuTech Academy, Delft
Preparation and testing of online courses on quantum mechanics.

2018-2019 Flow Engineer, Spirocco Kft., Budapest
Design, simulation, and testing of volume flow meter within an asthma inhaler using Autodesk CAD and CFD programs, and 3D printing.

2018 Marketing and communications intern, Technoorg Linda Kft., Budapest
Production of a series of educational videos on Technoorgs’ electron microscopy products.

2018 Online content manager, Bever CV, Pijnacker
Management of webshop inventory. Development of Python software for convenient product management.

2014-2017 High school student tutor, iLoveHomework, The Hague
Homework guidance and tutoring on the subjects of physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology.

2016 Software engineer intern, PinkRF, Nijmegen
Prototype software of 3D volume reconstruction from stereometric imaging via MATLAB.


2017-2018 Master of Applied Physics, Delft University of Technology
Electives on fluid dynamics, imaging physics, and quantum mechanics. Master thesis on quantum error correction at QuTech; development and benchmarking of a new decoder for the surface code via a self-produced quantum simulator in Python.

2013-2017 Bachelor of Applied Physics, Delft University of Technology
Bachelor thesis on imaging and biophysics; description and further development of a software package for analysis of protein movement during DNA replication in E. Coli with MATLAB.

2015-2016 Medical Delta, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Leiden University
Minor program in medicine. Includes courses on anatomy, biophysical processes, and radiology.

2007-2013 Gymnasium, Lorentz Casimir Lyceum
Curriculum track: science & engineering and science & health with additional German, French, and geology courses.


2020 Unitary Fund, non-profit microgrant program,
To further develop Qsurface, a simulator package for surface codes. The grant will improve visualization methods and facilitate the collaboration of an open, modular platform for surface code simulations.

2012 Singapore International Mathematics Challenge, NUS
Second prize and presentation award for the 2012 SIMC challenge.


TBA Quasilinear-Time Decoding Algorithm for Topological Codes with High Decoding Performance, S. Hu, D. Elkouss
Conference paper

2020 Quasilinear Time Decoding Algorithm for Topological Codes with High Error Threshold, S. Hu, D. Elkouss
Master thesis

2017 User-friendly analysis of fluorescent spot position of bacterial proteins using a microfluidic device and agarose pads, S. Hu, R. de Leeuw
Bachelor thesis


2019-2020 Qsurface (Open Surface Code Simulations)
PyPI version DOI
Open-source simulator for benchmarking and visualizing surface code decoders, written in Python. Grant received from the Unitary Fund.


2006-now Participant and Volunteer First Lego League, FLL Brabant, FLL Benelux, FLL Germany, FLL Denmark, FLL Norway, FLL Japan
As participant: Winner of FLLOEC Norway 2007 and first in robot design in FLLOAC Japan 2008.
As volunteer: Judging and organization for the regional, national, or international finals of the First Lego League competition in the Netherlands and Germany.

2017 Freshmen weekend committee, Vereniging voor Technische Physica
Presidential role in organizing the freshmen weekend activity for 300+ students.

2015-2016 Study tour committee, Vereniging voor Technische Physica
Graphic design, communication, and planning for the organization of a 30-day study tour to South-East Asia and China. View site.

2012-2015 Various committees, Vereniging voor Technische Physica, AEGEE Delft, Lorentz Casimir Lyceum
Various roles including the organizer of symposia, editor, and graphic designer for the faculty magazine and yearbook, and IT related committees.



native Dutch, Chinese

fluent English


proficient Python, MATLAB, LaTeX

competent SQL, CI/CD, Bash, Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Fusion & CFD

beginner HTML5 & CSS, Javascript